Offering Services to:Sub-Marine,Diving Vessels,Naval Warships,ONSV`S,OSV`S,Pasenger Liners,Tankers etc


      The repairs/renewal work in the Marine Industry is a team work. Most of the activities are woven and interlinked together. This is the understanding which has helped us to have multi-schilling and specialized activities combined under one roof.

We specialize in the following :-

Engineering, Electrical & Hull equipment on turnkey basis.


Removal/Repair/Refits,renewal,refurbishment, modificationinstallation, erection, alignment overhaul mechanical Equipments onboard ship/submarines such as Main Engines, turbines (steam and gas), gear boxes, generator , pumps, valves, rudders, propeller shafts, propulsion system, steering system.

(c)  Removal, Replacement, cleaning of all kind of piping, cupronickel, carbon steel, stainless steel and any other piping of air water, fuel, lubrication and hydraulics up to 700 bar pressure, hot and cold insulation for all kinds of piping valves and equipments.
(d)  Flushing & Filtration of all kinds of liquid like fuel, lube oil & hydraulics
(e) Repairs, overhauling/refurbishment/modification of all types of oil, high pressure oil hydraulic system/equipment for ships/submarines
(f) Removal/Repairs/replacement of electrical items/systems on board ships/ Submarines including removal/installation/alignment of electrical machines, repairs and refurbishment of Electro-Pneumatic Control Panel and associate Components
(g) All types of Marine, repairs, fabrication, plating, renewal of shell plates and structures
(h) Removal, refitting , installation, bedding, leveling of heavy equipment of ships up to 500 Tons per equipment.
(i)  Deck Machinery i.e. Electrical/Hydraulic/Pneumatic Winches/Windlass/boat davits
(j)  Design, manufacturing of hydraulic systems and hydraulic actuators for all kinds of application for weapon, naval ships/submarines.
(k) Control system, components for Orion System for 1241 RE Class of ships, propeller shafts & associated work
(l)  Portable test kit for fuel/lub/hydraulic oil for ships –MARTECHNIC GERMANY
(m) Repair & Overhaul of Control Systems for Boiler, Repair/Overhaul/Sleeving/ FRP Lining of     Propeller & Tail Shafts (up to 20 Mtrs).
(n)  Services, repairs, and spares for Diving System and Diving Vessels

We also have state of art CLEAN ROOM (CERTIFIED TO CLASS 10000 as per FED STD 209 E)

 facility to undertake assembly and testing of critical electro pneumatic hydraulic,

electronics, instrumentation and weapon components assembly.



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