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Following is the list of some of our major work execution:

Sr. No. Client



1. ND (MB) Repair/Refurbishment of steam drain system INS VIRAAT
2. ND (MB)

Refurbishment & restore serviceability of Magazine spray and Grinnell alarm

3. ND (MB)

Renewal of LSG (Lower) and NSLF (Upper) mounts of engine No. 1 & 2 Of

4. MDL

Engine. & Piping work including flushing & pressure testing.

INS Shankush
5. MDL

Electrical/Electronic/Instrumentation for RSDP For Installation assistance STW test & trials and commissioning of mach./ equipments for 60T  crane barge for RSDP

Fabrication, welding Pre-testing, erection/installation, hydro testing/pipe

For 60 T crane barge and 120 ton non Propelled barge for RSDP Fab/Inst/Erec/Pr. testing & Comm. Of  Hydraulic equipments required for hydraulic systems for RSDP

6. ND(MB)/GSL Electrical cabling/electrical works for Orion system INS-NASHAK
7. MDL Installation & commissioning of engineering equipment site ‘K’ Site K
8. GSL Orion Control System INS NASHAK
9. GRSEL Modification to chilled water piping NS Brahmaputra
10. Sulzer India Ltd Sulzer HP Compressor on board Ins-U’giri UDAYGIRI
11. ND (MB) Repairs/Overhaul/Renewal of Sea water System pipe lines fittings valves of Ins – Delhi Ins – Delhi
12. ND (MB) Repairs/Refit of Victualling barge Amrit AMRIT
13. ND(MB)

Vacuum Blasting to SA – 2.5 Standard of Under Water Hull & Deck Areas of in Ships/Submarines & Yard Crafts     & Open Grit Blasting to SA – 2.5 Standard of Under Water Hull & Deck Areas of in Ships/Submarines & Yard Craft.

14. MDL

Refit work on board” CGS Annie Besant” (Yard  72151)

CGS Annie Besant

15. MDL

Rate contract for overhauling and repair/renewal Of valves and piping jobs on board Naval/Coast Guard vessel, Merchant ships, Tugs and other

16. SBC(Vizak)

Rate contract for fabrication of Pipe Spools


Work order for Repairs, Installation and commissioning of Revival of towing / Anchor Handling System  (Qty – 2 Nos.)

OSV Sindhu 10 &
Sindhu 11


18. ND (MB)

Manufacturing of 2 in Nose Propeller Shaft /  Sleeves/Resleeving of INS Nirbhik

INS Nirbhik
19. DMDE

Manufacture & supply of hydraulic motors for
a)   Main Ventilation
b)   Anchor Windlass
c)   Outer exhaust gas valve.
d)   Main Mast

20. ND(MB) Repair/Overhaul of 352 hydraulic manipulator & flushing of hydraulic system


21. SCI/ONGC Manufacture & Supply Of 2  Tugger Winches SINDHU 15
22. MDL

Overhauling, Repair, Renewal of Hydraulic equipment, valves and filters onboard

INS Shankush


Repairs to Windlass – OSV Sindhu 16 Sindhu 16
24. ND(MB)

Repair/Refurbishment of Remote Controlled Hydraulic System Valves

INS Aditya
25. ND(MB)

Manufacturing, Fitment of Exhaust Trunking

INS Agray
26. ND(MB) Pipe Manufacturing and Installation INS Agray
27. MDL

Engineering Work onboard – DCIL Dredger

DCIL Dredger
28. MDL Engineering & weapons work on board INS Shishumar
29. MDL Repair job on 60T crane & barge at RSDP RSDP
30. MDL

Shutter  space fitting out and Installation of Retractable Bollards

INS Shishumar


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