Control Systems

Control System

Turnkey installation of Steering, Stabilizer, Emergency recovery systems, Water Management systems, Waste Management Systems

Foreign OEM Partnerships

Providing complete degree solutions for presales, tendering, sales and after-sales support for several European companies for their interest in the Indian market.

Foreign OEM Offset Partnership


Turnkey installation of the civil, structural works of Repair and test facilities required for testing / referencing weapons systems.

Under Water Systems

Have worked on every class of submarine in the Indian Navy on various systems such as valves, pumps, periscope and optronics masts, diving and resurfacing systems, shafting etc.

Under Water Systems
Weapon System

Weapons System

Turnkey installation of various systems such as Radars, SONARs, Communications systems Optical Payloads, Submarine masts, Guns, Missile Systems (POP300, Submarine Mast Installation, AK630).